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1400: Camp Grounds Open – Toilets available (Showers operational Saturday PM and Sunday)

1400: Selected HVAP MTB Trails Open to ride*

* Please do no disturb bunting or event signage

0900: Registrations Open

1000: Kids Activities Open

1020: Kids Event Briefing

1030: Kids Event Start

1145: Kids Presentations (Leader recognition for Giant 3PLUS3 kids)

1200: Lunch

1200: Registration Closes

1220: Giant 3PLUS3 Event Briefing

1230: Giant 3PLUS3 Event Start (Racers Course, Social Course)

1530: Giant 3PLUS3 Course Closes

1530: Showers open and available

1615: Last Riders Return

1630: Presentations (Sat only races & leader recognition for Giant 3PLUS3 riders)

1730: Dinner – Christmas Feast (from 5pm)

1830: Secret Santa

2100: Entertainment and main marquee closes

0700: Breakfast and Coffee

0730: Registrations Open

0730: Kids Activities Open

0805: Kids Event Briefing

0815: Kids Event Start

0950: Giant 3PLUS3 Event Briefing

1000: Giant 3PLUS3 Event Start (Racers and Social)

1200: Lunch

1300: Giant 3PLUS3 Course Closes

1345: Last Riders Return

1400: Final Presentations and Major Prize Draws