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FAQ & Rules

FAQ & Rules

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do entries close?
  2. Thursday 5th July 2018, Midnight.
  1. When can I collect my registration pack?
  2. Registration is located at the Gun Range see schedule for registration times
  1. Are late and on the day entries accepted?
  2. Yes, there will be a late fee of $10.
  1. Is camping available Friday and Saturday nights?
  2. Yes, online payment accepted – $15 per person per night.
  1. Do I have to ride for the full 3hrs?
  2. No. The Giant 3PLUS3 is a lap event, meaning you complete as many laps of the course as you are able – or want to – within the 3hr period.
  1. How is the event timed?
  2. Transponders are attached to the rear of your number plate. This must be attached to the front of your bike.
  1. So how do I get to Spicers Hidden Vale?
  2. Easy! From Brisbane– From Toowoomba
  1. Where’s the Gun Range?
  2. After entering Spicers follow the signage heading out via the dirt road for about 800m.
  1. Can we have a camp-fire?
  2. Yes – if conditions permit ie: it’s not dry and windy. Please see rules below for having a camp-fire.


The Race Organisers reserve the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide fair and safe riding conditions.  Any changes to rules and regulations will be announced at a race briefing prior to race start.


Riders and support crew/non-riders must obey the directions of Race Officials and Marshall’s at all times.


Race start is 1230 hrs on Saturday 7th of July 2018. Riders will all start together at the sound of the hooter.
Race start is 1000 hrs on Sunday 8th of July 2018. Riders will all start together at the sound of the hooter.

For Kids race start times please see the schedule.


The race finishes for all categories 3 hours from the official start time. At that point, the exit of pit lane will be closed and no more riders will be allowed to commence a new lap. Any rider who completes 1 lap will appear in the results as a finisher. A lap which is started before the 3 hours has elapsed, and is completed after 3 hours will be counted towards the rider’s results.


The age for age-based categories is the rider’s age on Saturday 7th of July 2018. A rider can only enter one category in the race. A rider cannot change entry category once the race has started.

All age-based category changes must be made via email prior to the 7th July, 2018.



Within each category, the rider who has completed the most laps is the winner. For riders on the same number of laps, the rider who has completed them in the shortest total race time will receive the higher placing. Progress results will be published at regular intervals throughout the race. Provisional final results will be published at 1730 hrs for Saturdays racing. Final results will be published at 1745 hrs. Provisional final results will be published at 1300 hrs for Sundays racing. Final results will be published at 1330 hrs.


The presentations and awards for Saturdays racing will be held at 1630 hrs. The presentations and awards for all categories will be held on Sunday at 1400 hrs. Podium riders must be present in order to receive their prizes.


You are allowed to use any number of spare/replacement bikes in the race Riders will only be provided with 1 number plate each at registration. Bike changes can only be made in the pit lane area and must include your number plate before leaving the pit lane area. A rider cannot exchange bikes with another rider while on the course. Single Speed category riders are not permitted to have a different gear ratio on their spare bike.


International Standards approved bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while riding a bike during competition and practice.


Attach your bike number to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that can be easily seen from the front. Your number should be in front of the brake cables and not wrapped around any part of the bike. The number cannot be altered, obscured, cut or de-faced. Solo and Team riders will receive 1 front number plate each. All riders will each have specific number ranges and colours to permit easy identification on course.


The course will be marked by arrows, signs and bunting. Riders must follow the course and it is the sole responsibility of the rider to stay on the course. A rider who leaves the course for any reason must return to that same point on the course to resume a lap. While on course you must keep going in the direction of the course. If you have a mechanical problem, you cannot retrace your path to get to an assistance area. If you do so, that lap will not be counted.


The pit lane area is part of the course. All riders must pass through it every lap. Each rider/team can choose to have a 3m x 6m space where they can place their own support tent/camp. All tent fittings, including ropes and pegs, must be within the allocated area. The rider can only receive assistance from their support crew inside or in front of their allocated pit area, keeping the traffic flow area clear.

No camp fires in the Pit-lane area


For your safety and the safety of all participants please follow the advice below.

  • All fires must be contained in a brazier and must not be in contact with the ground.
  • All fires must be supervised by an adult/parent.
  • To reduce fire risks, always check the weather conditions before lighting a fire. Do not light or maintain a camp fire on dry, windy days.
  • Ensure your camp fire is at least 3 metres away from tents and that other camping equipment is stored well away, especially flammable items.
  • Completely extinguish all fires before going to bed or leaving your camp site unattended—use water, not soil as covering a fire can retain heat and can cause severe burns. Even a few glowing embers can start a wildfire.


General first aid care during the race is provided by our Medical team. If you are injured and assisted back to the event centre, then your lap will not count. Following treatment, the Race organiser will make a decision on whether you are allowed to continue the race, based on available medical advice.


Mechanical assistance during the race (repair and material) can be provided from other riders entered in the race while on-course however there is no obligation on a rider to help another rider. The pit lane area is the only area where riders can receive mechanical assistance from MTB Mechanic, their supporters and non-riding personnel. If you have a mechanical problem and continue to walk your bike along the course to the end of the lap, then that lap will be counted. If you shortcut the course to return to the start or are assisted back to the start, then that lap will not be counted and you must commence a new lap from the start when you are ready.


Riders walking their bikes must give way to a rider who is riding. If you are walking your bike, make sure you leave plenty of room for those riding to pass. The rider being overtaken has the right of way (unless they are walking their bike) until the overtaking rider is past and clear by one bike length. If you want to pass the rider in front on single track, call out “TRACK”. When the rider in front feels it is safe to pass, they will pull over to one side and call “PASS”. They may also call out “ON MY LEFT / ON MY RIGHT”. Let the rider in front know what you are doing by calling “ON YOUR LEFT / ON YOUR RIGHT”. If there will be more than one rider passing, let the rider in front know that as you pass them by calling, for example, “TWO MORE COMING THROUGH”. If you do not make this call, the rider in front will assume you have decided not to pass and will return to the centre of the track. The rider in front is under no obligation to let you pass, but slower riders and lapped riders should not delay faster riders unless it is unsafe to let them pass. Remember, if you are the overtaking rider, the conditions you feel are safe may not be considered safe by the rider you want to overtake. They may be less experienced than you, or they may have seen something on the track that you have not. Overtaking is not allowed on bridges or constructed ramps.