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Giant 3PLUS3 News

Giant 3PLUS3 and HVAP News

1 day ago

Norco Bicycles Australia and Flow Mountain Bike head out into our expansive trail network on the all new Sight VLT

There’s a lot of debate about who an eMTB is really built for. We thought we’d cut to the chase by giving four very diverse riders, from different cycling backgrounds, a chance to jump on board ... See more

1 day ago

Coming Soon - ‘Eazy Dayz’: 6hrs of uplifts from Dinner Camp accessing Ripple Effect, Snappy Turtle 🐢 Trailer Thrash, Yowie Descent and Dandy’s. More Info, Dates, Pricing and Limited Tickets ... See more

1 day ago

The day to be up here 📸 @karmenlorraine_ #500above #hvaphigh5 #hiddenvaleadventurepark